Facts About Children’s Health Insurance Program

Health Insurance is another big issue after you lose your job. It is a huge burden especially if you have children. Many of us wonder ‘what’s next?’ Besides the personal financial problem created from the job loss, your situation gets more complicated when caring our sick child or a family member. It really bothers and takes you to a more complicated state of depression.


But wait, the sky hasn’t fallen and it’s not the end of the world. In fact, there are various ways of getting covered despite your current situation. However many people get panicked and all of a sudden lose their confidence to deal with problems because they think that there are too many. People even stop going to see a doctor or follow up their clinical appointments thinking that they might have to pay from out of their pocket. There are instances of families and individual who went through harder situations, just because they did not try to work around or find options available out there.


So, what you need is, have a little patience and explore other options of health insurance. Be wary of your needs and make necessary changes in your lifestyle for example you can learn how to prepare buttermilk if you are allergic to it. If you look for options, you might possibly find yourself eligible to join your own spouse’s insurance plan. Or you might find out other group plans that your employer might have had signed up (other than COBRA), and you could be eligible, in case the COBRA is too expensive to you. There are many federal and state public health programs that provide health coverages for low-income people. Internet is a big resource to find if the government has any new plans to help unemployed people especially in this recession period.


Options available for you


a) Check with Employer if you can continue your COBRA plan or if it is affordable to you.

b) Check if you are eligible to get coverage through your spouse’s employer

c) Check if your state has any health care programs to help you

d) You or your family members could be eligible for Medicaid, CHIP (Children Health Insurance Program) or other state or local health programs.

e) Check if you are protected with the federal law of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)